Thursday, August 4, 2022

by Harish Gupta, National Editor, Lokmat Group

No fervor for VP poll, Dhankhar set for easy win


Jagdeep Dhankhar is set to sail through in the Vice Presidential poll to be held on August 6 as the BJP has a majority on its own.

It has 303 Mps in Lok Sabha and 91 in the Rajya Sabha among the 780 electorate (543 Lok Sabha and 237 Rajya Sabha). There are eight vacancies still in the Rajya Sabha at present. 

In the Vice Presidential polls, the BJP will have the added advantage of getting the support of all nine nominated Mps as they can take part in it unlike in the Presidential poll. While four of these 9 nominated Mps have joined the BJP, there are five others who may also go with the ruling party candidate. Therefore, the BJP is making efforts to ensure that Dhankhar gets more than 540 Mps' votes who voted for the President, Draupadi Murmu. 

But there is no visible fervor either or campaigning for the VP's poll either slated for Saturday. The BJP has geared up its entire machinery to mobilize a maximum number of Mps to support Dhankhar. It has already issued an informal whip to all its Mps to remain present in Delhi and requested all NDA and supporting parties to come in large numbers to vote. 

Interestingly, 17 MPs voted in favour of Draupadi Murmu who belonged to the Opposition parties and at the same time, 15 votes of Mps were declared invalid. The BJP organised several training camps for Mps to ensure that no votes were invalid this time around. The tenure of current incumbent M Venkaiah Naidu ends on August 10.