Sunday, November 22, 1998

Onion mandate

Delhi gets trapped in multiculturalism as political parties confront each other fiercely
One of the advantages of being the national capital is to evoke the sentiment that you belong to everybody. Delhi, the migrant's paradise, is discovering that this can be a mixed blessing.

For years, its politics was dominated by Punjabi speaking refugees and money-speaking Baniyas. Next surged the Hindi-speaking Jats, whose finest hour was Sahib Singh Verma's

Monday, November 2, 1998

Courting trouble

Learning no lessons from the past, Congress begins seat-sharing talks with BSP
Promising Handshake: Arjun Singh's talks with BSP leader Kanshi Ram brighten chances of yet another Congress-BSP alliance
Less than 15 per cent of the country's electorate will vote during the November 25 elections to four state assemblies, but for both the ruling BJP at the Centre and the main Opposition, it has the implications of a referendum.

Despite public assertions to the contrary, BJP leaders admit that the party's fortunes at the Centre would depend to a large extent on its ability to retain Delhi and Rajasthan